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Seth Flam, DO

Lead Blogger: Seth Flam, DO

Dr. Flam is one of the founders of HealthFusion and serves as the company's CEO and President. He is board certified in Family Practice and is one of the creative forces behind MediTouch EHR.

Study Finds EHR Software Not Causing Upcoding

EHR software

A recent study reported in a Modern Healthcare article found that EHRs didn’t cause upcoding, despite fears of note cloning and overdocumentation that resulted in increased scrutiny of EHR-using providers by the Office of the Inspector General for HHS.The study, published by Julia Adler-Milstein of the University of Michigan and Dr. Ashish K. Jha, an internist with the Veterans Affairs Department and professor with the Harvard School of Public Health, compared billing from two groups of hospitals using a case-mix index. The study compared early adopters of EHRs, from 2008 to 2012,… Continue Reading »

Survey Reveals Key Benefits, Challenges of EHR Software

electronic medical records benefits

A recent survey by industry software review site Software Advice cast doubt on some of the commonly held beliefs about EHRs, including their benefits and key challenges. The survey, conducted in collaboration with leading data collection company Research Now, surveyed nearly 400 medical practices regarding their experiences with EHR software.Among the findings on key benefits were that 87 percent of respondents said their EHR offers easy access to records, with 86 percent saying that their EMR software offers more legible and/or robust records.A majority of survey respondents also indicated that they felt their EHRs delivered “very well”… Continue Reading »

Free Webinar: Compliance in Medical Collections—Interview with an Expert

Compliance in medical collections

Thursday, August 14, 2014 – 1:00 PM Eastern / 10:00 AM Pacific Presented by HealthFusion Inc. and Transworld Systems Inc. Have questions about collections?Learn from a 20-year collections industry expert who will answer critical questions about protecting your practice from the ever-increasing and continuously changing regulations surrounding collections. You will learn about:The litigious environment of collectionsCurrent Federal and State regulations and their most recent changesRisks to medical practicesHow to protect your practiceAnd much more In addition, you will receive a compliance checklist to use as a guide when working with any collections agency.Don’t miss… Continue Reading »

Are You Ready for a Meaningful Use Audit?

Are You Ready for a Meaningful Use Audit?

Did you know that you run at least a 5-10% chance of undergoing a Meaningful Use audit?Many providers, already swamped with too many other concerns, prefer to think that Meaningful Use audits are something that happens to other practices.Unfortunately, that’s not true.Trudy Bearden, a Washington & Idaho Regional Extension Center (WIREC) consultant, reports that at least one in 20 meaningful use (MU) attesters will face an audit, and half of those will undergo a pre-payment audit. Bearden will address this subject in a webinar for us this week.Attorney Clinton Mikel, JD, said in a Medical… Continue Reading »

July HealthFusion Newsletter: Meaningful Use, Collections and More

July Newsletter on Meaningful Use, More

The latest issue of our monthly newsletter is out, with articles on Meaningful Use, collections, when it’s time to switch your EHR, and much more. If you don’t receive the newsletter via email, sign up for the monthly emails now. Meaningful Use Update From the June CMS Vendor Workgroup Meeting – What You Need to Know CMS and ONC published a notice of proposed rule making on May 20 regarding Meaningful Use. The proposed rule has caused some confusion around what’s required to attest for an exception; here is our interpretation of… Continue Reading »

Medical Practice Collections: The Careful Art of Collection Letters

medical practice collections letters

 By Transworld SystemsThe use of collection letters has long been a necessary, but challenging, process for medical practice collections. Managing delinquent accounts and properly contacting patients can be a tedious and time-consuming process that proves very difficult. You need to collect the money that is owed to you, but appearing too aggressive may sometimes hurt your practice’s image and potentially cause a loss in business. The following guidelines will help you effectively use letters to collect on past-due accounts.Be Proactive: Sending a “past-due” letter before an account becomes a collection risk is… Continue Reading »

Top 10 Misconceptions about Meaningful Use — Revised

Meaningful Use

Because things have changed substantially since we first posted our Top 10 Meaningful Use Misconceptions list, we are providing an update which incorporates information from the proposed rule change from CMS. Not quite sure what’s involved in Meaningful Use with the changes for 2014? Review our Meaningful Use summary of the common misconceptions about both Stage 1 and Stage 2.I must attest for 2014 Meaningful Use objectives even if my EHR isn’t ready. No; due in part to the low number of EHRs that have been certified for 2014, CMS issued a… Continue Reading »

Infographic: 12 Key Signs It’s Time to Switch EHR Software


Experts predict that 40% of EHR sales in 2014 will be replacement systems, but some practices find it hard to decide when it’s time to cut their unsatisfactory EHR software loose. If you’re debating whether it’s time to trade your underperforming EHR for something better, check out our new “12 Key Signs It’s Time to Switch EHR Software” infographic below.This checklist will help you consider key questions including:Should you be worried if your EHR is frequently late for certification deadlines?How do you know if your EHR will provide full iPad functionality?Should you… Continue Reading »

Meaningful Use Update From the June CMS Vendor Workgroup Meeting – What You Need to Know

Are You Ready for a Meaningful Use Audit?

CMS and ONC published an NPRM on May 20 regarding Meaningful UseAn NPRM is a notice of proposed rule making and serves as a public notice issued by law when one of the independent agencies of the United States government wishes to add, remove, or change a rule or regulation as part of the rulemaking process. It includes a period of public comment.If finalized, the NPRM would:Allow providers to meet meaningful use with EHRs certified to the 2011 or the 2014 Edition criteria, or a combination of both Editions in 2014.Require providers… Continue Reading »

ICD-10: What Should You Do Now?


Now that the dust has settled from the ICD-10/SGR fix battles, you are probably wondering what it all means to you and what you should do now. We advise, as many experts have, that you can relax—a little—but don’t stop your preparations for the ICD-10 start date. In a recent webinar presented by Deloitte, experts advised that when ICD-10 was delayed from 2013 to 2014, many organizations that stopped their preparations experienced significant difficulty regaining momentum. So, take a breath—but keep moving forward. In a CMS MLN Connects call on June 4,… Continue Reading »

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