We have recently added an SMS text messaging option for appointment confirmation to our Practice Management software. MediTouch YourHealthFile patient portal subscribers will be able to send text messages to patients to confirm their upcoming appointments. Providers now have the ability to choose the number of days prior to the appointment to send the confirmation text message.

Once a text message is sent, the patient/recipient will also receive a confirmation link within the text message, which provides the patients with an additional confirmation message and the option to add the appointment to their online calendar tool. Between the e-mail reminder feature that we added previously and this new text reminder feature, you will quickly find a significant reduction in your no-show rate. No-shows are expensive and can be detrimental to your practice.

hand holding phone with blurred cafe background

Though appointment reminders of any kind prove to be more effective in reducing no-shows than no reminder at all, appointment reminders via text message has vastly proven to the most effective scheduling method across most types of businesses. Everybody texts. Nobody wants to answer a phone call anymore – especially from an unknown or unfamiliar number.

A recent report by the Pew Research Center shows that 97 percent of Americans use a texting app on a smart phone at least once a day. Over 80 percent of this group are adults, making texting the most common cell phone activity. Many studies have shown that texts have a much higher open rate than emails – they are quick and convenient to read, don’t require human-to-human interaction in an increasingly logged-on and plugged-in society, and have fast become the favored mode of communication among most Americans. Whether it comes to your nephew, mom or granddad, most people today prefer texting as a mode of communication. Employ this feature as part of our patient portal to stay connected to your patients and to minimize no-shows and scheduling complications.