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HealthFusion MediTouch and the American Osteopathic Association

Created by osteopathic physicians, and exclusive AOA EHR partner – MediTouch EHR is the perfect choice for any DO.

A unique partnership

American Osteopathic Association, AOA EHR / EMRThe MediTouch integrated EHR suite of products was selected by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) as their exclusive strategic AOA EHR partner. The purpose of our partnership is to promote adoption of electronic health records (EHRs), and the AOA is currently introducing HealthFusion’s MediTouch to its more than 41,000 physician members nationwide. This is the largest medical organization partnership of its kind!

Promoting EHR adoption

  • MediTouch is the AOA’s exclusive strategic EHR partner
  • Together we are committed to promoting quality healthcare and EHR adoption
  • An Osteopathic Module is already built-in
  • We are working collaboratively on making quality reporting simple and easy

MediTouch for Osteopathic Physicians

MediTouch EHR includes an “Osteopathic Module” that is built to assist osteopathic physicians in documenting the osteopathic exam. The medical team at HealthFusion is working closely with the Osteopathic profession to develop ways to make it easier for Osteopathic Physicians to meet the ever-growing list of requirements mandated by the government and licensing organizations such as the AOA.

HealthFusion is working with the AOA to find ways to integrate many of the quality guidelines that are part of the AOA’s highly successful CAP program. We recognize that participation in the AOA CAP program will be keyed to physician certification, and our goal is to make CAP reporting as simple and comprehensive as possible.


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Learn More about our Osteopathic EHR/EMR Module

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