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Case Study – Peter Brieloff, DPM

Podiatrist up and running on MediTouch in record time with improved results thanks to JD Power Award-Winning Customer Support

The Challenge

Dr. Peter Brieloff has a successful podiatry practice based in Cumberland, MD. He is a solo practitioner and he has been practicing since 1986. Prior to starting with MediTouch Dr. Brieloff was using an EHR/Practice Management system but he had lost confidence in the company that owned his legacy system. He just was not confident that they would be able to continue to support his practice or meet the latest compliance standards. He had set a very tight schedule to migrate from his old system and needed to find a new system, then get trained and up and running quickly.

The Solution

Dr. Brieloff knew that HealthFusion® is the only medical office software company that is also an APMA partner so he decided to demo the MediTouch® system. He quickly realized that it was the best designed podiatry EHR and that it could easily meet the needs of his busy practice. He has now been using the system for over a year with great success, which he defines as faster charting workflow and an increase in practice revenue.


The MediTouch Team Meets a Tight Deadline

Dr. Brieloff’s practice was live on MediTouch in record time, beating his personal deadline. MediTouch implementation averages 6-10 weeks, and Dr. Brieloff’s implementation was on the very low end of this scale.

He attributes that to the HealthFusion staff, who he says “worked their butts off.”

The rapid response started with his sales person, who set up a demo right away, Dr. Brieloff said, and that set the tone for the whole process.

“The implementation team went above and beyond to get us trained quickly,” according to Dr. Brieloff. “We would make a list of our questions every day, and then we would get on their daily Q&A webinars and just ask our questions one after another. They would always get us the answers we needed quickly, and we never had to ask the same question twice.”

The implementation team “went the extra step, sending emails with screen shots and arrows so that I could see exactly what we were supposed to do,” according to Dr. Brieloff. “They literally gave us a map.”

“One of the things I like most about HealthFusion is the people,” says Dr. Brieloff. “From the sales team to customer support, they have all been amazing.”

“The team there is so helpful—no one ever makes me feel like an idiot,” he says with a laugh. “They knew I was in a time crunch from the start, needing to move from an EHR I was pretty sure was going out of business, and they worked hard to get my practice up and running.”

Dr. Brieloff has found that the HealthFusion staff didn’t make him wait on long lines on the phone or online. The daily Q&A webinars were a great way for him and his staff to resolve any uncertainties during set up, he says. Dr. Brieloff also says he and his staff have contacted the support team by phone, online chat and through the webinars, and have always gotten the answers they needed.

Dr. Brieloff feels HealthFusion’s customer focus also shows in how responsive the company is to users’ needs with the free software updates that are provided automatically. “I know there’s a ‘wish list’ HealthFusion is working on, adding new features and tweaks all the time.“

Even better than the fast implementation, Dr. Brieloff has been amazed to see that he’s getting paid much faster with MediTouch.

“I often submit claims on Tuesday and get paid on Thursday,” he says. “It’s so fast. I get my Medicare remits in 14 days; before MediTouch it could be as long as 21 days.”

Thanks to MediTouch and HealthFusion’s award-winning customer support team, Dr. Brieloff was able to replace an unreliable EHR/PM, plus improve his payment times and office workflow.

“MediTouch has been a great benefit all around to my practice,” he concluded.

Additional Features Dr. Brieloff Finds Valuable

Podiatrist-friendly: Dr. Brieloff says he appreciates the fact that although other EHRs tend to treat podiatrists as second class citizens, HealthFusion is one company that does not. In fact, MediTouch has been recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and is their only EHR and billing system partner.

“HealthFusion provides features that really make my life easier and speed up the process for me, like uploading images directly into the patient’s chart,” he says. “It’s a much easier upload with a lot less clicking than other EHRs.”

Web-based: Dr. Brieloff also likes the fact that MediTouch is web-based, which allows him to use the system from home on weekends when needed, and that it’s so easy to use on the iPad.

iPad charting options: “I use the ‘3T’ method for charting, as HealthFusion likes to call it,” he said. “Talk, touch, type—it all works for me and makes charting easier and faster. I can do everything wirelessly: prescribing, lab orders, lab results, charting.”

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