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Case Study – H. Sprague Taveau, DO

Sprague Taveau, DO, Improved His Practice Profitability by 67% with MediTouch

The Challenge

Dr. Sprague Taveau, a wound care specialist based in Kileen, TX, discovered that over a period of two years, his practice was only collecting a gross collection percentage of 27% when other providers in his specialty with similar fee schedules were collecting around 40%. That meant his practice was losing a large amount of money every month.

The Solution

When talking with a fellow physician, Dr. Taveau mentioned the situation; his friend was horrified and assured him that MediTouch would serve him much better than his existing billing system. Dr. Taveau started using the MediTouch practice management system in June 2011.


The Results

After Dr. Taveau’s practice was trained and up to speed, he saw his gross collections improve to 45% of charges. In addition, he found that MediTouch improved productivity; the combination of improved billing and increased productivity increased his annual revenue from approximately $700,000 to nearly $1.4 million—a 100% improvement from his previous results.

“I really like the ‘clean claim’ aspect of MediTouch,” Dr. Taveau said. “Before we started using MediTouch, we had denials right and left, had to file a lot of appeals. I can’t tell you how much money I lost.”

With MediTouch, Dr. Taveau said, his practice was soon billing the right codes and seeing much improved results. They found the Denial Defender® feature in the program helped substantially in reducing improper coding and increased revenue significantly.

After using the practice management system with good results for a little over a year, Dr. Taveau made the decision to also adopt the MediTouch EHR.

“We really like the ease of entry,” said Dr. Taveau. “The electronic prescribing is very easy, everyone in the office loves using MediTouch EHR”.

cs-sprauge“And the set up was very smooth. Customer support trained my practice manager how to set up templates in the system after setting a few up to get us started. Now it all works like clockwork.” The practice also successfully attested for Meaningful Use Stage 1, Dr. Taveau said, “with great help from HealthFusion Customer Support.” He said the practice turned to Customer Support during that process, “asking multiple questions to find out why our Meaningful Use Report Card wasn’t looking right.”

He said they asked what they were not doing that they should be, and were pleased when they were approved and received their incentive checks.

Dr. Taveau said his practice is planning to attest for Meaningful Use Stage 2 also, which will mean more incentive revenue for the practice.

Dr. Taveau’s practice is preparing to launch the MediTouch full-featured patient portal this fall, he said, and they are looking forward to using it. The patient portal can be used to reduce the cost of patient communication, check-in, collections, and health maintenance reminders, which will further improve his bottom line.

“This is exactly what I was looking for after 35 years of practice!” Dr. Taveau added. “I finally found an EHR that really works–customizable, easy to use and affordable.”

Between the improved medical billing results and a streamlined, more effective EHR, Dr. Taveau credits MediTouch with substantially improving his practice profitability.

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