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Pick a Partner, NOT a Competitor

Why would you pick a medical billing software enterprise that is competing with you for your medical billing clients?

Many vendors that provide medical billing software now compete with your billing company, offering the same billing / revenue cycle management services that your company has worked so hard to establish. The challenge for your company is to retain your clients when your software vendor is also your competitor.

Remember, each day your client uses the software provided by those vendors, they are logging into the very same website where the vendor is also advertising their revenue cycle management business – your direct competition. In addition, the fees you pay to the medical billing software company are funding their efforts to compete with you.

Today there are just a handful of software companies that provide world-class cloud-based practice management software that don’t compete with your business, and MediTouch is one.

Some of the many practice management software companies that provide medical billing services competing with your business include:

When considering a billing software vendor, consider the company that is willing to commit to not compete with your thriving medical billing practice. We don’t compete with you for medical billing customers, and we never will. Our mission at MediTouch is to help you build your business, not destroy it.