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Patient Centered Medical Home made Easier with MediTouch

The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model is the foundation of the many healthplan quality bonus programs and the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) initiative. Achieve Medical Home recognition with MediTouch software today.

What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?

The patient centered medical home (PCMH) is best described as a model or philosophy of primary care that is patient-centered, comprehensive, team-based, coordinated, accessible, and focused on quality and safety.

It is supported by robust health information technology (health IT), provider payment reform focused on patient outcomes and health system efficiencies, and team-based education and training of the health professions workforce.

Some of the benefits to implementing a PCMH

  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Increased medical practice revenue
  • Increased provider satisfaction

Here’s how MediTouch makes the process easier.

MediTouch Patient Centered Medical Home EHR

The NCQA Medical Home program is based on 3 achievement levels, with a points system determining which level of recognition your practice will receive. To reach the highest level of recognition, more than 40 different reports are required by the NCQA.

Without software designed to provide the reports required by NCQA, the amount of manual labor required to demonstrate PCMH proficiency is prohibitive for most practices.

By actively using the MediTouch PCMH Prevalidated modules, your practice can receive automatic points (also known as autocredit) toward your recognition. This helps reduce the amount of documentation your practice needs to gather and present to NCQA, making the process of becoming a recognized Medical Home quicker and smoother.

Find out more about how MediTouch can help your practice become a Patient Centered Medical Home today!