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The EHR Software Designed for Patient-Centered Medical Home

MediTouch Patient Centered Medical Home EHR Software is specifically designed to simplify NCQA PCMH recognition – Prevalidated for 23.5 Autocredit points.


Autocredit toward PCMH Accreditation

Is your primary care practice seeking recognition as a Medical Home? If so, HealthFusion can help you achieve it. MediTouch EHR is PCMH Prevalidated by NCQA to receive 23.5 points in autocredit toward NCQA’s 2011 PCMH scoring.

With the highest amount of autocredit awarded to any ambulatory EHR system, MediTouch Patient Centered Medical Home EHR Software can help you achieve Level 3 Medical Home recognition more easily.

MediTouch streamlines the achievement of PCMH recognition:

  1. Prevalidated for 23.5 autocredit points by NCQA – the most ever granted!
  2. Reports for every factor requiring one
  3. All required reports run automatically and can be exported easily for submission
  4. Reports run regularly so you can trend progress
  5. You never need a third party “registry” to assist in data aggregation
  6. Corresponding software for every Must Pass Element
  7. Most every other factor has a method to track and report based on the NCQA standard
  8. Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified and corresponding factors are tracked
  9. ICD-10 ready – now
  10. MGMA sample policy and procedures, customized for MediTouch, are built in
  11. Extensive help screens provide assistance and are organized per the NCQA standards

2014 has been called “The Year of EHR Replacement;” if you are switching EHRs and planning or in process with becoming a PCMH, choose an EHR that makes PCMH recognition easier.


Patient Centered Medical Reporting Made Easy

Reports are “built in” – approximately 55 reports, each one corresponding to a specific factor that requires a report.

How it works

  • Measures that require reports are run automatically and regularly
  • Each report is indexed by its Standard>Element>Factor

Every Must Pass Element Has Corresponding Software to Track the Element


  • PCMH 1: Enhance Access and Continuity
  • Element A: Access During Office Hours – MUST-PASS

MediTouch Patient Centered Medical Home EHR Software supports blocking of slots for same day appointments

The software calculates if a same day appointment was reserved or reserved and then booked on the same day. It then reports on the data for a 5-day period per the NCQA reporting standard.

MGMA Sample Policy and Procedures, Customized for Meditouch, are Built In

MediTouch versions of the MGMA policies and procedures are incorporated into the system, thereby providing a template for practices that are undergoing their initial “transformation”


Extensive Help Screens Provide Assistance and are Organized per the NCQA Standards

Extensive help screens guide the user through the data collection process – each factor is correlated to the NCQA guide for Documentation Guideline/Data Sources.