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Medical Scheduling System

With our advanced medical scheduling system, time is always on your side.

Medical Scheduling SystemPatient Scheduling at Your Fingertips

The MediTouch scheduling interface is specialized for fast medical appointment entry. If you have ever used a scheduling program before, our interface will be familiar and get you started right away.

  • Appointment search quickly match patient appointment requests with the provider’s calendar
  • Move appointments with a simple drag and drop
  • Schedule multiple resources for the same appointment time, ex. Provider + EKG machine
  • Customizable color-coding for appointment types and preferences

Reduce phone calls at the front desk with MediTouch. Patients can request appointments online via our patient portal, and appointment confirmations can be automated via email.

PM Medical Scheduling

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Schedule a demo to find out how MediTouch Medical Scheduling Software can help your practice become more efficient today.

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