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Infographic: Stop Money-Draining No-Shows, Or: The Importance of Appointment Reminders

Patients miss appointments. But when added up, no-shows can make a significant dent in your revenue, waste staff time, and negatively affect patient care. According to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), even well-run practices experience an average of 12 percent no-show rate and last-minute cancellations, while some practices suffer a no-show rate as great as 50 percent.

Appointment reminders, automated according to patient preference, are a surefire way to make no-shows a non-issue. See how easy it is for your practice to employ text and email appointment reminders.

Our MediTouch cloud-based EHR solution offers automated and efficient appointment and scheduling technology as part of our Practice Management and Patient Portal software. Patients can easily add their scheduled appointments to their personal calendar in one click according to their communication mode of preference: text, email or both. These state-of-the-art tools can be used in addition to our integrated suite of YourHealthFile Patient Portal scheduling features to enhance your revenue and improve overall quality care.

Let us show you how MediTouch can simplify your practice workflow. Request a demo today.

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