Careful implementation of EHR technology should make the use of EHR systems like MediTouch EHR® a money saver with or without government incentives, according to a recent article in Medical Economics. The MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) reports that EHRs have been reported to improve the financial outcomes of a medical practice. They report significant savings in transcription costs. Even for practices that do not use transcription services, there is still room for savings. As an example, the article reports savings related to medical records administration.

The piece also mentions some of the costs related to implementing EHR technology. One of the great features of MediTouch EHR is that implementation costs are negligible because, with MediTouch®, there are no start up costs, training fees, or expensive servers to buy. Long term savings, negligible start up costs, and government incentives make now the time to begin using MediTouch’s Web based solution.