I speak with many providers who are converting from paper record documentation to EHRs (Electronic Health Records). One of the challenges for medical practices is converting the patient medical histories and medication list to “true data” in the EHR. The term “true data” means information that can be stored and retrieved in a database. The power of EHRs is that information can be searched, stored, and retrieved as data. Sometimes these concepts can be confusing. An example of the difference between “true data” and the scanned image of a paper note is that the information on the patient note cannot be queried, reported on, or stored in a standard patient PHR (Personal Health Record). As part of the Meaningful Use initiative, the government has pretty much mandated that information is stored and retrieved as data.

As paper patient records are migrated to an EHR, every type of EHR requires the practice to translate their paper information to electronic lists in the EHR. This task can be time-consuming for a practice, and most EHRs do not provide simple solutions that make these tasks easier. With MediTouch EHR® and the YourHealthFile® Patient Portal, your patients can assist you in the initial creation of mandated data lists, such as Medication Lists and Patient Histories (Medical, Surgical, Family, Social, Immunization, and Allergy).

Most physicians are uncomfortable handing their EHR system to the patient and saying, “Begin charting for me.” EHR interfaces can be too complex, and while the physician may benefit from patient input, unsupervised patient-generated health record data simply does not work.

With MediTouch® and the YourHealthFile® Patient Portal, we believe we have found the correct balance between patient input and physician supervision. This combination provides a very powerful way to interact with your patient, and makes the beginning of the electronic charting process fast and easy.

With YourHealthFile® the patient can enter all of their history information, and also update it as needed. Below is an example of a patient who added a new allergy, “Bee Pollens”, to the patient portal. Note: The allergy that the patient added is highlighted in yellow — it is not yet part of the official EHR.

YourHealthFile Patient Portal

In the MediTouch EHR® the provider is notified that the patient has suggested that a new allergy should be added to the official patient record in the EHR. The provider can choose to “Accept” (add) the new allergy to the patient’s allergy list or “Dismiss” the allergy if they decide it is not clinically appropriate.

YourHealthFile Patient Portal Allergies List

The provider is in complete control of what becomes a permanent part of the EHR. This method of working with patient authored data and moving it from pending to permanent status is unique to the MediTouch® system and is a real time saver.

With MediTouch EHR®, we strive to make the adjustment from paper to electronic fast and simple. Patients really want to be part of the process, let them assist you. Turn on the YourHealthFile® Patient Portal and fast-track the start-up and maintenance of your EHR.