When we say we want to hold your hand, we mean that we stand ready to do everything we can to make your path to Meaningful Use (MU) payment simple. The truth is that we cannot use the MediTouch EHR® system for you, but we know that when you work with MediTouch®, your path to Meaningful Use payment will be straightforward.

With regard to Meaningful Use, the naysayers have already reared their ugly heads. On January 6, 2011, Medical Economics declared that 90% of all providers that purchased EHR are not tracking to receive MU payment. In 2011, the measurement period for MU is only 90 days, so I ask, “Is it really time for providers to panic?” The answer is no. There is plenty of time for providers to adopt and implement an EHR and comply with MU.

There are some very interesting data points discussed in the above captioned Medical Economics article. They basically provide a list of reasons why providers may not be tracking toward MU payment. Let’s review some of those reasons, and see how they apply to MediTouch EHR:

  1. 93% said they (doctors) lacked substantive support from their EHR vendors.

    The HealthFusion MediTouch team stands ready to support your EHR implementation, and our Meaningful Use Report Card® provides the necessary feedback required to meet the CMS MU objectives. For most measures, Meaningful Use is “built in” to our system.

  2. 89% said they delayed implementation because of the cost of additional support from EHR vendor/consultants.

    There is no additional implementation fee for getting started with MediTouch, and third party consultants are not required to successfully implement our software. That’s the beauty of our Web-based, iPad™-ready software.

  3. 77% said they lack available and/or trained staff to properly implement an EHR system.

    No additional office staff is required to start charting with MediTouch EHR. Get your login credentials, and you can start the very next day.

  4. 69% said they are unprepared and underfunded to rectify difficult system interfaces.

    No new system interfaces need to be implemented when your practice subscribes to the all-in-one HealthFusion Practice Management, Clearinghouse and MediTouch EHR system. With our integrated system, your billing, payer communication and clinical interfaces always “speak to each other.”

When your practice adopts MediTouch EHR, you have already overcome most of the so-called “obstacles” to a successful path to MU payment. The problems that plague other providers should not be a challenge for your practice when you partner with HealthFusion. Our message to providers is simple: Adopt and implement now — there is a plenty of time and a clear path to MU payment in 2011 with MediTouch EHR.