EHR/EMR, Healthcare IT and Medical News from around the Internet 7-20-2012

The news this week for the EHR/EMR industry is quite good. Recently released statistics show that EHR/EMR adoption continues to grow, and the benefits of electronic health records are showing up through the improved quality of patient care.

EHR/EMR Adoption Enhanced Patient Care

The CDC’s Center for National Health Statistics (CNHS) recently released the results of their 2011 Physician Workflow Services regarding EHR/EMR adoption; the study was sponsored by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). As of 2011, 55% of physicians surveyed have already adopted an electronic health record. Dr. Farzad Mostashari, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, stated in his blog on July 18, “This data shows that EHRs are taking hold among a larger number of providers who believe that the use of technology leads to better, safer, more coordinated health care.”

Not only have a record number of doctors adopted an EHR/EMR system, at least 85% of those surveyed said they were satisfied with their EHR/EMR system. Two-thirds (71%) of the surveyed adopters said they would purchase their EHR/EMR system again. But beyond the record number of EHR/EMR adopters in 2011 and their overall satisfaction with their system, EHRs/EMRs are also enhancing patient care.

Of the physicians surveyed, a majority (74%) stated that EHR/EMR system had resulted in enhanced overall patient care. As HealthFusion® has previously stated, EHRs/EMRs enhance patient care, and this survey’s results exemplify that fact. With so much value attributed to EHR/EMR systems, it’s no surprise that of the 45% of doctors surveyed who are not currently using an EHR/EMR, nearly half said they planned to purchase and implement an EHR/EMR system within the year.

EHR/EMR Adoption Remains Steady

Another study recently released, Physician’s Practice 2012 Technology Survey, confirms the adoption rates of the ONC’s survey. The Physician’s Practice survey found that 72% of U.S. healthcare providers are in some state of EHR/EMR adoption. With adoption steady, the main reason for the lack of an EHR/EMR system remains the cost. According to 29% of those surveyed, the high cost of an EHR/EMR, more than any other factor is the reason behind their lack of EHR/EMR adoption.

But as MediTouch® users know, healthcare providers can find an all-in-one EHR, Practice Management, and Clearinghouse solution at a fraction of the cost of many legacy EHR/EMR vendors through HealthFusion. And on top of its many outstanding features, MediTouch has no startup or implementation fees, its Web-based so there are no in-house servers to buy or maintain, and its ASP model provides a monthly subscription service. The days of paper record keeping are drawing to a close; if you’re one of the providers who has yet to adopt an EHR/EMR system due to its cost, consider MediTouch, the most robust, easy-to-use, and affordable all-in-one EHR on the market.