College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME)

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s (CMS) open comment period for Meaningful Use Stage 2 (MU 2) will soon end on May 7. At HealthFusion®, we are optimistic that CMS will heed our comments and requests; a conviction only strengthened with the recent Meaningful Use Stage 2 comments made by the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME). CHIME’s Meaningful Use Stage 2 comments echo those made recently by HealthFusion MediTouch® in our recent blog posts, Meaningful Use Stage 2 Proposed Rules Open Comment Period — HealthFusion MediTouch Comments and Meaningful Use Stage 2 NPRM for Health Information Technology Comments by HealthFusion MediTouch. CHIME’s comments to CMS were posted in a recent HealthCare IT News article:

On the same topic, CHIME, which represents 1,400 healthcare CIOs, commented: “We believe giant strides in patient engagement can begin by making online access of information available to the patient, within 4 business days. Additionally, the capability to allow patients to download and transmit their information would potentially further this engagement.”

However, CHIME said one of the major challenges in many cases would be hospitals with multiple EHRs and the need to flow information into one portal.

CHIME objected to the measure that calls for 10 percent of discharged patients to view or download their information online.

“We believe it is premature, at best, to adopt measures not completely under the control of EHs,” wrote CHIME officials. “Providers’ performance on MU objectives (and related EHR MU incentive payments) should not be dependent upon whether their patients do or do not choose to complete certain actions, especially since their failure to do so may be due to a wide range of reasons.”

As more organizations like CHIME and HealthFusion voice their comments, we are confident that CMS will make the necessary changes to Meaningful Use Stage 2 to avoid a potential compliance nightmare. No matter the final ruling on Meaningful Use Stage 2 by CMS, HealthFusion MediTouch users will be prepared as always.