EHR Tablet Computer Used by Doctors for EMR

We’ve discussed the boom of physician tablet computer ownership and use in previous EHR blog posts. In 2011, 30% of doctors in the United States owned a tablet computer, compared to only 5% of the general public. According to the AMA News, “One year after Apple® launched its first iPad® tablet computer, 27% of primary care and specialty physicians owned an iPad or similar device — a rate five times higher than the general population, according to a report by the market research firm Knowledge Networks.” Most EHR products can only display their software on the iPad over a network using slow-running, remote access software (think of running your EHR through webinar software like Webex® or Go-To-Meeting®). The EHR application is not actually running on the iPad or the iPad browser. Instead, the remote access application is allowing you to view the application, as if you were at a desktop or laptop. This approach will allow you to access their old-fashioned EHR, but the experience is slower and not optimized for iPad use and touch. MediTouch® is the only cloud, iPad-native EHR web-based software on the market. MediTouch EHR® was built from the ground up for use on the iPad, but is also cross-compatible with traditional Windows® and Mac® desktops, laptops, and tablets.

Since 2011, tablet ownership among doctors has more than doubled to 62%, according to a recent survey which included 3,015 physicians from 25 different specialties, conducted by healthcare market research and advisory firm Manhattan Research. As was the case in last year’s survey, Apple’s iPad is the dominant tablet among physicians. Monique Levy, VP of research at Manhattan Research, said of the Apple iPad for doctors, “It is really suited for doctors in terms of graphics”. MediTouch harnesses those graphic capabilities to provide an optimized software solution; complete with EHR drawing features and large button interfaces, combined with dictation capabilities, which means an elegant interface, more efficient medicine, and true meaningful use.

Physicians want a tablet computing device that they can use in their practice, but also at home; the iPad is the most successful at straddling both settings. iPad tablet computers dominate the general consumer and physician markets with 22.5% of the market share, but they are not simply toys for doctors, with over 30% of doctors nationwide having used their tablet computer at the point-of-care. When combined with a web-based, cloud computing EHR and Practice Management system, like MediTouch, tablet computers allow doctors to practice medicine anywhere there is an internet connection; making it the ideal solution for mobile health (mHealth) and the future of medicine. Currently, about 18% of physicians in the United States use an EHR on their tablet computer, but that number will continue to rise as tablet technology continues to improve. The growth in the tablet and EHR market is expected to continue, with 80% of all medical professionals believing they will eventually be charting on mobile devices. As physicians scramble to adopt EHRs before Meaningful Use incentives vanish, more and more tablet computers will find their way into medical settings and doctors’ hands. MediTouch was designed and built for the best, most popular tablet computer on the market — the iPad. When choosing a tablet and EHR, choose the best of both, MediTouch EHR on the iPad.