A recent study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, tracked the Apple® iPad® usage of 115 residents of internal medicine at the University of Chicago who were given the device to use during their rounds. The study found that the addition of the iPads helped residents to be more efficient at ordering tests and procedures for their patients.

iPad EMR tablet

During their rounds, the residents used iPad electronic health records (EHRs) and other interfaces in conjunction with the device. The iPad allowed residents to contact the hospital laboratory and other departments to order tests and view results. MediTouch EHR® users also perform similar tasks using iPad technology.

The residents at University of Chicago were able to reduce their workload by about a half hour each day thanks to the iPad. After a few months using the device, four out of five residents in the study said they were more efficient using the iPad, and 68 percent said they avoided delays in patient care. If such improvements can be made with the simple addition of a tablet computer, like the iPad, imagine what could be accomplished when the iPad is used in conjunction with HealthFusion’s® MediTouch® software suite.

Medicine today is becoming increasingly data-driven, so it should come as no surprise that many physicians feel tied to a computer. Without a computer at every patient bedside, many doctors are finding themselves spending more time on the job entering data, lengthening their day, and taking time away from what really matters — the patient. The iPad allows medical professionals to spend more time treating their patients and less time entering data, making it the ideal tablet computer for medicine and MediTouch EHR Web-based software its perfect companion.