If you are an EHR user – ePrescribing on your Smartphone is a convenience that you really shouldn’t live without. Medical Professionals need to view themselves as mobile providers with the newfound ability to respond to patient requests “everywhere and anywhere”. Meeting the needs of patients when you are away from the office and on-the-go will improve patient satisfaction. Since the release of the iPad the world has shifted to essentially 3 form factors for computing.

  1. The traditional desktop or laptop computer (not very mobile but very versatile)
  2. The mobile tablet (iPad) for work away from the desktop – like in the exam room
  3. The Smartphone – limited in its utility compared to a desktop, but highly mobile

Providers need an EHR that gives them the flexibility to use the appropriate hardware form factor for a specific time and place of use. Medical charting full-time on a Smartphone is not practical – possible yes – but just not enough landscape for fast-charting a full encounter note. Reviewing your schedule and mobile prescribing on a Smartphone make a lot of sense. These are 2 activities that are built into the MediTouch EHR Smartphone Web App.

Smartphone electronic prescribing should not be viewed as an additional burden for the provider; in fact it is a new time management tool like the “Blackberry Effect”. When the Blackberry first became popular it was the de facto mobile email system. Its users loved it because it replaced “downtime” like waiting in a line at the airport. Returning emails in the airport saved the busy traveler the time it would have taken to perform the same task when they returned home to their clunky desktop PC. The same holds true for mobile prescribing. Let’s say you are attending a baseball game and you are notified that one of your patients requires a prescription, you probably don’t have your iPad and you definitely don’t have your desktop. It is in between innings and you have 2-3 minutes of downtime till the next pitch – well that’s all the time it takes to fulfill your patients’ prescription request with the MediTouch Mobile ePrescribing Web App. When you return home or back to the office – just one less thing to do.

The MediTouch Mobile ePrescribing Web Application is really our same award winning EHR prescribing interface – just reformatted for the Smartphone. It includes the same powerful drug-to-allergy and drug-to-drug interaction warnings and it also displays the patient’s Allergy and Problem list.



Remember there is always the “right tool for every job” and the MediTouch Mobile Web App for ePrescribing is the best tool for physicians to respond to patient medication requests on-the-go! Best of all it is provided for FREE in every implementation of MediTouch EHR.