icd-10In a previous blog post, we answered some of the ICD-10 questions Carl Natale of ICD10 Watch recommended practices should review with their vendors. In this post, we’ll answer his remaining questions from CMS’ list of questions to ask new and potential vendors:

  • Will your products be ready for the ICD-10 compliance date?
    MediTouch® EHR software and practice management system was ready in 2013. Isn’t that easy?
  • How does your product simplify my organization’s transition to ICD-10?
    The fact that MediTouch is already ICD-10 ready should simplify your transition to ICD-10 in several ways:

    1. It should relieve a lot of anxiety around your preparation; you don’t have to lie awake at night wondering if your EHR will be ready in time for you to train and test.
    2. Our side-by-side coding option allows your entire team to begin training on the new codes in the course of their normal activities.
  • How does the functionality offered by your system compare with my current system?
    Unless your current system is already ICD-10 ready as well (and frankly, fewer than a dozen are), it’s hard to say. But we think our ICD-10 functionality, along with our Meaningful Use Stage 2 certification, puts us well ahead of other systems. If you’d like to see it for yourself, we’d be happy to show you.
  • Does your implementation require a complete system conversion?
    Nope. The implementation is already done.
  • Based on what I already have in place, how much will it cost to convert to your system?
    You can get specific comparisons from one of our sales staff, but based on the vendor comparison we’ve done, MediTouch is more affordable than most other systems.
  • What are the costs of maintenance for your product?
    Zero. You have a monthly subscription, but there are no “maintenance fees.”
  • Will there be training for your products available?
    Yes, thorough training is available, both with live training and recorded webinars you can watch at your convenience.

    • Does training cost extra?
      No, training is included in your subscription.
    • How much time will training take?
      That depends on your availability, but our average practice is up and running in days, not weeks.
  • What kind of product quality guarantees do you offer, and are these guarantees included in the contract?
    When your product is already ICD-10 ready, you don’t need to give guarantees. MediTouch is ready to display ICD-10 codes, and as soon as payers are ready to test, we’ll be knocking at their doors.
    For more information on other quality ratings for MediTouch, see our Independent EHR Recognition.
  • What is your timeframe for implementation?
    • Does that timeframe include testing?
      Our timeframe is complete; MediTouch EHR is ICD-10 ready now.

Finally, Natale poses his own questions to ask about maintaining both code sets:

  • Does data storage capacity need to be increased?
    No; storage requirements are based on the number of claims you process per month, not on ICD-10.
  • Will the ICD-9 data be accessible?
      • For how long?
      • Who can access it?

    Yes, the data will be accessible for as long as you need it, and by whomever you designate.

For more information on ICD-10 and how to prepare your practice, visit the new ICD-10 section on our website. If we can answer any more questions about whether MediTouch is ICD-10 ready (it is), let us know in the comments below. We’re happy to talk about being ready, as you may have noticed.