Doctors who are making the switch from paper records to an EHR sometimes worry that using an electronic charting device during encounters will have a negative impact on the patient experience. But the results of a survey by Software Advice, a company that researches EHR technology, indicate that these worries are unfounded.

The survey asked patients whether it would bother them if their doctor used a desktop, laptop, or tablet to type during an office exam. An overwhelming majority of patients responded that it wouldn’t bother them at all.

Source: The Profitable Practice

One of the main arguments from doctors reluctant to switch to electronic health records has long been the risk of losing eye contact with the patient during the visit. But the alternative – having to record the same notes twice (on paper in the exam room and in the EHR after the exam) – is terrible for productivity and should be avoided.  So is there a golden mean?

The Software Advice survey suggests that patients are more open to doctors using tablets to chart during the exam than other devices. By using a web-based EHR on a mobile tablet such as the iPad, doctors can chart at the bedside or in the exam room, without having to worry about bulky computer screens coming between them and the patient.

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