Medical Economics EHR ScorecardMedical Economics issued its annual report of the Top 50 EHR software companies last week, and HealthFusion was extremely pleased to be included for the second consecutive year.

But even more important to us were the high rankings HealthFusion’s MediTouch received in Medical Economics’ “EHR Scorecard” survey taken by thousands of physicians to rate their EHR systems, on a scale of 0 to 10, on key areas that matter most to them.

Considering the thousands of EHRs available, ranking in the top 50 is unquestionably outstanding; but this list is based on annual revenue. That is a measure of success, certainly, but not a true measure of the effectiveness of the EHR software. The EHR Scorecard survey is a good measure of effectiveness because:

  • The rankings are based on physicians’ ratings of systems they are using
  • The five key performance areas focus on what is important to physicians

In this exclusive survey, physicians ranked their EHR software based on:

  • Quality of care
  • Meaningful Use
  • Patient portal
  • Technical support
  • Clinical support

Overall, MediTouch ranked in the top list for each of these categories. However, in particular areas MediTouch was recognized as providing a higher level of excellence:

Quality of care – defined as “The effect your EHR has on the quality of care your practice provides.” MediTouch was ranked as #3 in this category by our users. This is an exceptionally important attribute for an EHR, and one our team has striven to develop and improve based on feedback from clinicians.

Clinical support – described as the “Ability to implement at least five clinical decision support tools.” MediTouch was again ranked #3 among all EHRs, and again, we feel this is one of the most important requirements for an EHR. If an EHR doesn’t help you safeguard your patients’ health and lives, then it is not serving the basic purpose for an EHR.

Another validation of the clinical support MediTouch provides to our users came recently in the form of a message from a doctor who reported that a MediTouch Health Maintenance Alert helped her save a patient’s life.

“As the founder and CEO of HealthFusion, I feel I can speak for my colleagues and say that your recent comments really hit the heart of what we are trying to accomplish with our EHR,” said HealthFusion CEO Seth Flam in response to her report.

Additionally, MediTouch was ranked well in two more technical areas of EHR use:

Patient portal – defined as “Usability of the patient portal from your EHR vendor.” MediTouch was ranked #6 for this feature, which, as Medical Economics described it, indicates that we provide “a functional and intuitive patient portal…key to lessening the administrative burdens faced by physicians and improving communication between providers and patients.”

Technical support – a rating of the “Vendor’s ability to resolve technical problems with your EHR.” HealthFusion’s users rated our Customer Support so well that we ranked #6 overall for this key area. This is an area of great pride for us, as our Customer Support team works hard to provide the best possible support for our users, and is the only EHR Customer Support team to be recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for providing “an Outstanding Customer Service Experience” two years in a row.

“We’d like to thank our users for their high praise of our system and services as well as their feedback that helps us continuously improve, and our team for working hard to achieve this level of excellence,” said CEO Seth Flam. “We intend not to rest on our laurels, but to continue to improve our EHR software and medical billing software to help physicians provide the best possible care for their patients.”