Do you know how the Value-Based Modifier program will affect your practice revenue starting in 2015? You should, because it could cost you up to 6% of your Medicare reimbursement in 2017, depending on whether or not you have successfully reported for PQRS.

Get up to speed now– review our infographic below for a quick overview of what you need to know about the Value-Based Modifier program.

Value-Based Modifier Program Explained


Additional References

In addition, you can read more about how the Value-Based Modifier program works in our recent blog post, which explains:

  • How CMS will calculate the cost composite score
  • What information Quality Resource and Use Reports (QRURs) provide to you
  • And more

Let us know in the comments if you have other questions on the Value-Based Modifier program or PQRS. If you need help with PQRS reporting, MediTouch provides an easy method; contact us today at (877) 523-2120, or request a demo to learn how we can simplify PQRS and other CMS programs for you.