Stopping the denial on an individual claim is just the first step.Free Infographic - How to Get Paid for the New Chronic Care Management Code

Rather than simply fix and resubmit, smart practices research the source of their denials and use technology to understand the reason for the denials.  This prevents repeating the same billing and coding mistakes over and over.  Sophisticated practices go beyond simple claims scrubbing and use denial edits based on use of modifiers, bundling edits and medical necessity.

This is only possible if a practice takes the time to analyze their denials and implement a program to prevent them in the future.

Learn how to take this more effective approach in this informative webinar, where you will learn to:

  • Identify methods of tracking and analyzing denials
  • Compare manual and automated tracking systems to identify problem claims before they are submitted
  • Describe education for providers and support staff to decrease future denials
  • Use best practices for reducing billing and coding errors
  • And much more

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn how to avoid billing and coding errors and improve your practice profitability in this free webinar.

About the Speaker

Betsy-Nicoletti-Planner-High_Res SmallBetsy Nicoletti, M.S., CPC, is the co-founder of, a wiki devoted to physician reimbursement, and the author of The Field Guide to Physician Coding and Auditing Physician Services. She developed The Accurate Coding System™ to help doctors get paid for the work they do.

A certified coder, Betsy is a speaker, writer and consultant in coding education, billing and accounts receivable management. Betsy holds a Masters of Science in Organization and Management from Antioch, New England, and has worked in and around physician offices for over 25 years. She became a certified coder in 1999.