EHR Software rankingsChoosing the right EHR software for a medical practice is extremely challenging, and as we know from replacement rates, laden with trial and error.

One of the ways that practices use to assess which EHR software or medical billing software will be best for their needs is to use independent evaluation sources, which provide an objective look at the benefits of various EHRs. Among the leaders in this field is Software Advice, which is owned by the highly respected Gartner Inc. information technology research and advisory organization and provides evaluations of a variety of different types of software including medical software.

Software Advice offers reviews from medical practitioners and staff who actually use the software. Users rate the EHR software on four key areas, including Ease of Use and Functionality, in addition to providing comments on what the practice likes best and least about the software.

HealthFusion has long been proud to have the most-reviewed EHR software on the Software Advice site, and we thank our users for rating MediTouch so highly. MediTouch has been awarded an average of 4.3 stars out of 5 by more than 275 reviewers, all users of our software. But we wanted to take a closer look at what the ratings really mean to users.

Two of the ratings that Software Advice provides are Ease of Use and Functionality, which are key issues in EHR software. Here is how MediTouch ranked in these areas:

Ease of Use

  • 43% of respondents gave MediTouch 5 stars out of 5 possible
  • 81% of respondents gave MediTouch 4 or more stars out of 5 possible

These ratings are certainly a contrast with an American Medical Association/ RAND Corporation study published in late 2013 that stated “Across a wide range of EHR software products and practice models, physicians reported poor EHR usability” among other issues.


  • 39% of reviewers gave MediTouch 5 stars out of 5 possible
  • 76% of reviewers gave MediTouch 4 or more stars out of 5 possible

Compare these functionality ratings with a 2014 survey by the industry publication Medical Economics that found 67% of doctors are “dissatisfied with [EHR] functionality.”  Certainly MediTouch reviewers feel very differently about their EHR’s functionality than the average user.

In addition to these high ratings, Software Advice reports that MediTouch is the:

Only EHR with more than 275 reviews

More than 275 of our users took the time to review MediTouch and share their experiences, which is the most for any EHR software on the Software Advice site.

Only one of top EHR vendors with 4+ stars

Of the top 42 fully-integrated EHRs, as ranked by Medical Economics in their “Best EHRs of 2014 provider survey, HealthFusion is the only one of the top EHR vendors to average more than 4 stars overall. This demonstrates a high level of satisfaction across all categories.

What Reviewers Said

EHR software reviewers also are able to provide comments on these key categories when they review the software. Here are a few comments about MediTouch:

“Easy to use and learn. Easy to use with the iPad. It’s made for iPad.” – Orthopedics practice, 6 to 10 users

“I like the ease and portability going from iPad to desktop.”  – Podiatry practice, single user

“I love the customer service! They’re quick to answer my calls and needs.” – General practice, 21 to 50 users

“Love it. So simple and easy to function. The product is easy to use because you can look up a patient easily.” – Family practice, 21 to 50 users

In terms of evaluating EHR software, independent review sites can be extremely useful. Sites like these provide an opportunity to essentially collect references from across the nation for software you’re considering.

For a broader overview of how the top integrated EHR vendors compare, download our 2015 Vendor Comparison and review how EHR vendors ranked in a variety of categories, including independent reviews and surveys, certifications and more.

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