Ipad-dictationDragon Dictate Medical works seamlessly with your EHR the way you need it to. Approximately 43 percent of a doctor’s workday is spent on data entry, which can include 4,000 clicks or an average day of documentation, and 7.2 million words documented, per doctor, in a single year. More and more providers use mobile phones and tablets for clinical documentation. Dictation on a mobile device has proved to be three times faster than typing on a computer, averaging at 150 words per minute and saving 2.5 hours for every hour dictated.

Cloud-based dictation helps doctors feel better about documentation, more satisfied and freer to practice as they see fit. Physicians who use clinical speech recognition also feel more confidently about technology and can spend more time with patients – not paperwork. With Dragon Dictate Medical solutions integrated seamlessly into your EHR suite across all devices – Mac, PC or Android – you can work smarter and more productively in the office or on the road. Dragon Dictate Medical was built with a specialized medical vocabulary covering more than 90 specialties and an enhanced speech engine with a sophisticated acoustic and language model so that you can document your patient’s story with detail and specificity. The speech engine also adapts to your voice and words to deliver better recognition results over time.

The best part about using Dragon Dictate Medical is that it works seamlessly with your EHR for dictating and editing high-quality medical record notes. You can also set appointments, create documents, send emails or work on your desktop, all by voice. Many customizable features exist to further productivity gains.