Our 2016 Vendor Comparison, which compares 47 Integrated EHRs in many key areas, as listed in Medical Economics and Black Book Rankings, is now available to download at no cost. We wanted to compile a well-rounded guide that stacks up off of the top EHR software in a head-to-head view so that you can find one that offers the level of performance and features that truly suits the needs of your practice. vendor-comparison

Because we’ve used impartial industry surveys and expert rankings to dictate the criteria, the differences between EHR systems become clear, despite what vendors marketing campaigns may claim.

Using third party evaluations such as the Medical Economics and Black Book Rankings surveys is valuable when choosing the right EHR for your practice because they are a reliable independent measure of software quality and mobility. No one EHR could significantly influence evaluations of this type since they’re conducted by respected publications and leading research organizations, and include the input of many clinicians.

Each of the factors listed in this comparison is important due to the impact on patient care, your practice workflow and productivity, and your ability to reliably and accurately document patient encounters. See definitions on the last page for specifics on each factor. Evaluate these systems for yourself; click on the company logo and see which EHR fulfills each requirement important to you.

Other rankings we included, such as Surescripts White Coat of Quality Multi-Year Award Winner, Quest Diagnostics Gold Certified Vendor, Software Advice Top Reviewed EHR and others, add an additional level of impartial assessment.

We hope you will find the 2016 EHR Vendors Comparison useful in your search for the right EHR software for your practice.

Download the 2016 Vendor Comparison here.

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