What studies show

EHR software is meant to improve healthcare processes as well as facilitate revenue growth and performance. However, a research done in 2013 by the RAND Corporation and the American Medical Association (AMA) recognized that many clinicians attribute EMR use to emotional fatigue, depression, and diminished enthusiasm in physicians, regardless of age and specialization. The latest studies also highlighted that more than 50 percent of physicians across the globe suffer from burnout.

Reasons behind the depressing effect of EHRs on Physicians

Most EMR systems in the healthcare industry are designed and developed by people who do not have any background in the medical field. They don’t fully understand what doctors and other healthcare practitioners need, or how they work. This is why, in the opinion of some, EHRs are seen as an additional problem rather than a solution to challenges like sluggish information documentation, interrupted care, impersonal patient encounters and inaccuracy.

Health IT has moved at an extremely fast rate but most physicians, especially the older generation, are still adapting to EMRs. Unknowingly, the pressure to comply to government mandates caused many to take the plunge and partner with just about any EHR vendor in the market; without conducting proper research and deliberation as to which EHR may work the best for a specific practice.

What you can do to decrease the risk of a burnout

Find an EHR that speaks like you do, works like you do, and understands your specific needs. We realize the challenges of a physician’s daily life.  Caring for patients is no longer enough. Many of you have instantly become coders or billers and your days have become longer. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

To lessen the stress created by EHRs, HealthFusion proudly brings you Meditouch – the software developed by doctors. It’s fully integrated, which means you no longer need to work with two programs since everything that you need is packed in one powerful, user-friendly software. We developed features that are essential to every medical practice. It includes numerous practice management and billing functions designed to work together and help your clinic run smoothly and productively. Our billing system guarantees to streamline your claim submissions that allows for fast-moving payments as we understand that maximizing your practice’s revenue is a priority and it doesn’t have to be taxing.

Meditouch by HealthFusion will not only help you free up space in the office, it will also help you free up time so you can do things that are more important. With that said, try a free demo of our software to see how all EMR systems are not created equal; instead you’ll be thrilled to use one that was made by medical professionals… for medical professionals.