We’ve recently released new features and enhancements to our EHR, practice management system and YourHealthFile patient portal to better serve urgent care EMR/EHR needs and any other specialty that benefits from a robust EHR system that will provide added speed and convenience, clinician efficiency and ability to track patient volumes with ease and intelligence. The following features help to alert staff quickly about patient health info, improve internal office communication, collaboration and overall patient care.

Wallboard Mode

The Room Tracker feature can now be displayed in a view-only Wallboard Mode, enabling providers and staff to view all patients, their rooms and their statuses in a full-screen view on a wall-mounted monitor or television. You can choose which columns to display in this mode, as well as which check boxes you want to display.




Updated Encounter Preview

The Encounter Preview provides a slide-out panel that now has links to the SOAP headers in a patient’s encounter, and allows you to edit the patient demographic information for more efficient charting.




Next we will release an Encounter Chat function that will allow staff to chat within the encounter preview slide panel. Stay tuned for more info.

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