Doctor using tablet computer behind blinds

Doctor using tablet computer behind blinds

Comparison of the Top Medical Billing Software Systems
Billing is not why anyone gets into the medical profession. It can be a complicated, tedious, and uncertain process rife with confusing codes and strict requirements. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most essential components to running a healthy practice.

Given the complexities with medical billing, it’s no surprise there are many different software platforms promising to make things easier for doctors and staff. There are so many systems, in fact, that the sheer scope can make it difficult for some practices to know which one to choose.

HealthFusion’s MediTouch software was developed by physicians to simplify the billing process because they’ve dealt with these issues firsthand. We might be biased, though, so we’d like to offer a medical billing software comparison. Below you’ll find a brief review of various features common to medical billing platforms and how MediTouch stacks up against competitors.

Compare Feature Types of Medical Billing Software:

MediTouch knows your staff can’t afford to take multiple days off to get trained on overcomplicated and confusing medical billing software that requires extra fees for installation and regular maintenance. That’s why MediTouch’s platform was designed to be simple and easy-to-use right from the start, so you can spend more time doing what it was designed to do: collecting revenue.

As a practice management software comparison, for instance, MediTouch has features that finished in the top 10 of a study by Black Book Research, in categories such as customization, integration, data security, managerial stability, and more. In the top 10 for those same Black Book categories, competitors such as GE Healthcare, McKesson, Nextech, and Optum were nowhere to be found.

The days of relying on clunky legacy software that’s constantly in need of maintenance are over. These types of programs are dead-ends, locking you into their expensive web of service licenses and agreements on individual computers where only “experts” can handle regular upkeep. MediTouch’s cloud-based system isn’t tethered to one specific computer or device. Instead, it lets you schedule, bill, collect and manage from various computers, tablets, and smartphones while backing up and securing data. That kind of multi-device functionality is not something you’ll find on other platforms such as MEDITECH, CPSI, CGM, or CareCloud.

Patient Portal
When you’re conducting an electronic medical records comparison, one invaluable feature is a patient portal. With MediTouch’s patient portal, clients not only have private, secure access to their electronic Personal Health Record (PHR), but they also get the ability to pay online with detailed billing statements. This empowers patients to take control over both their personal health and payment balances. In a 2015 survey conducted by Medical Economics of the best EHRs, MediTouch’s patient portal finished in the top 10. Other platforms such as Benchmark Systems, Aprima, Allscripts, and Cerner did not rank as high.

What good is a billing system if it leaves you guessing whether or not a claim has been paid? MediTouch offers real-time reporting updates and notifies you if there’s a problem, even suggesting potential fixes. Other features include benchmarking, charts and graphs, simple conversions to Excel formats, and the ability to track AR, revenue, payer performance, and many other data sets. In terms of ensuring your bills are on pace, there’s simply no other comparison when it comes to medical billing software.

Compare Medical Billing Software Pricing
When it comes down to it, affordability is a major factor in any practice’s decision to adopt a new medical billing software platform. When you compare MediTouch to other medical billing software vendors, you’ll see that we don’t charge for start-up fees, training, support, or updates. Other medical software, on the other hand, only becomes more costly over time. For instance, in just the first year of use, GE Health is almost 350% more expensive than MediTouch. On the same scale, McKesson and eClinicalWorks are more than 200% more expensive, while Med3000 is just over 150% more costly. Not many practices can afford to make those kinds of investments in their medical software, especially for what they’re getting in return.

Medical practices don’t deserve to get roped into complex medical software that’ll fall short of its ROI. MediTouch has been recognized and awarded for the positive impact it can have on practices by some of the biggest health and technology organizations in the world. And we have plenty of customers who will tell you the same. So when you’re doing a practice management software comparison, we’re confident MediTouch will rise to the top of your list again and again.