2017 EHR Vendor Comparison: Why Choose HealthFusion As Your Electronic Health Records Vendor?

Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are no longer just the future of healthcare. They’re critical to the operations of today’s modern medical practices. According to the CDC, 87% of medical practices in the US now use a system to manage EHR and EMR.

Of course, a medical practice’s experience with an EHR system can vary wildly depending on its electronic health records vendor. Some sell complicated software that requires hiring a special technician to install, train staff, and perform regular maintenance and updates. Others will charge you for simply contacting customer service. And should you choose to switch vendors, that becomes a major logistical and financial obstacle.

With the stakes so high, all this makes the process of selecting the right electronic health records vendor incredibly important. And it’s precisely why you’ll want to give HealthFusion’s MediTouch EHR software a look. It was designed by and for doctors, who understand the common pain points of these systems: bloated expenses, terrible interfaces, unfit for specialty practices, awful customer service, tedious integration, and so on. MediTouch not only avoids these pitfalls, it meets current compliance standards as well. It was one of the first EHR vendors to become 2014 Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified, and it’s been ICD-10 ready since 2013.

You’ll hear no shortage of cautionary tales from medical practices overpaying an electronic health records vendor for complicated systems. Part of that’s because EMR pricing varies wildly. Consider that other top-rated EMR companies, such as GE, McKesson, eClinicalWorks, Med3000, Greenway and more can charge up to 347% more for first year costs than HealthFusion. Without roping clients into unnecessarily long-term contracts, HealthFusion keeps costs down for medical practices with MediTouch by avoiding exorbitant fees so common to EHR vendors for things related to start-up, training, security, and updates.

There are many reasons MediTouch is able to maintain its reputation as a cost-effective EHR option without sacrificing software quality for patients or staff. First is that it’s an integrated, cloud-based solution designed to fit a variety of practices. And since it’s subscription-based, there’s no additional expenses related to installation. Plus, HealthFusion’s EMR pricing includes everything you need, from Practice Management to Clearinghouse and a Patient Portal.

Don’t just take our word for it though. A trusted EHR comparison speaks volumes. Third party, unbiased outlets such as Medical Economics and Black Book Research have provided independent evaluations of various EHR companies. In head-to-head matchups of nearly 50 EHRs, HealthFusion was ranked among the top in everything from quality of care to customization, and boasts award-winning JD Power customer service.

We know choosing an EHR can be an extremely daunting endeavor. If you’re considering other EMR vendors who are talking about installation, updates, and maintenance fees that are only going to boost your expenses, we encourage you to take a look at what MediTouch can provide. Sign up for one of our free demos, or call us at (855) 342-4407 with questions. We’d love to hear from you.