Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Practices Can Benefit from The Use of Electronic Medical and Health Records

Specialty clinics often express skepticism about adopting EHR platforms. Some of the hesitation stems from their niche focus and anxiety over disrupting longtime methods and procedures of record keeping, coding, and billing. All of this is understandable, but a good EHR can benefit every type of practice, and a specialty like obstetrics and gynecology (OB GYN) is no exception.

Women’s healthcare deals with a variety of both urgent and long-term treatments, and a powerful OB GYN EHR platform can assist every step of the way. Whether it’s finances, logistics, customer care, or basic medical practice management, an EHR will redefine an OB GYN from the ground up.

For starters, an EHR system simplifies the documentation process for obstetric and gynecologic healthcare findings. This includes adding a user-friendly and mobile method of recording and tracking things like pregnancy progression via an OB GYN electronic health record, complete with ultrasound images and flow sheets, as well as prenatal lab results.

An EHR system also takes the headache out of Meaningful Use compliance. For instance, rather than manually sifting through quality reporting measures— such as breast cancer screenings, prenatal care, and cervical cancer screenings— OB GYN clinics can work with EHR providers to create customizable solutions that simplify the process. Consider an OB GYN Care Plan, for instance, which is a fully customizable, pre-formatted, user-friendly interface that makes the documentation of treatment objectives and goals regarding a specific diagnosis required for Meaningful Use Stage 2 a breeze.

With electronic medical records, all patient data is digital, which provides new opportunities for perspective on the big picture of your practice. Beyond a single patient’s progress, for instance, OB GYN physicians can use EMR to monitor by age range or demographic, looking for abnormalities or trends. This allows a practice to better measure the overall effectiveness of its treatments, as well as pay attention to various health fluctuations among its patients.

An EHR can improve the relationship between an OB GYN clinic and its patients as well. An effective patient portal offers updated information on treatment, while boosting engagement thanks to the addition of the OB GYN electronic health record. While acting as a secure archive for electronic medical records, a patient portal also streamlines patient communication by sending/receiving reminders for preventative or follow-up care, dispatching patient questions and requests, and scheduling and changing appointments.

Crucially, a patient portal encourages highlights self-care as well. An OBY GN practice, for instance, can provide educational material via the patient portal to supplement treatment options. With all their current information housed in one accessible location, women can get a quick glance at the personal health areas that require the most focus on self-improvement.

It’s difficult to overstate the benefits of switching to an EHR or EMR platform for an OBY GN practice. For as many examples as have been provided, you’ll likely discover many more once you begin the research process. If you’re an OBY GN medical practice interested in beginning the conversion to an EHR, HealthFusion can help. Check out our offerings here or get in touch.