What Sets Our EHR Demo Apart?

Just as not all EHRs are created equal, not all EHR demos are the same, either. Many EHR vendors will only provide you with a canned EHR demonstration or video demos, which are merely brief overviews of their features, at best.

Free Demo - Award Winning MediTouch EHR and Billing Software

 Our EHR software demo is more of a conversation than a scripted demo — it’s an interactive hour, tailored according to who is participating in the demo, what role they play in your practice and how they will be using the software. Our EHR demos are personalized to your practice and to what your needs are. You won’t get the same, tired old sales pitch. What you will get is a technical product expert who will interact with you, answer all of your questions, and show you how the MediTouch EHR software suite is a clinical and business solution for your specific practice and specialty. 

Our product specialists use a live account — not a demo site — so that you can experience the speed and ease of use in real time. First, they begin the EHR demo by taking you through the life of a patient in our system, beginning at the point of check-in and registration, through their appointment as they’re seen by clinical staff, right into billing. The demo is not only done in real time, in our actual software, but it’s also an interactive dialogue between our product specialists and your staff. If you’re looking for something specific, you can ask at any point. Oftentimes, our product experts end up introducing customers and potential customers to unique features and surprising, new workflows that they hadn’t previously thought of during the demo. Ours is much more than a standard EHR demonstration; we also help our participants find different avenues to optimize their revenue by automating productivity and making participating in programs like PCMH, MACRA/MIPS and Chronic Care Management easy.

After all, our EHR demo is meant to be informative more than it is meant to be an intended sales pitch. In fact, our EHR demos also serve as sources of information, where you will learn about new government regulations. For example, at the moment we teach all of our EHR software demo attendees about MACRA and MIPS. We find that many of the practices we work with are under the misconception that ignorance is bliss in 2017, and that if they don’t do anything, they’ll be ok — or that any system they choose will help their practice. But neither of those mindsets will result in success, and it’s our job to educate otherwise. Unless your EHR provides easy prompts and reports to ensure good performance under the most current regulations, your practice won’t meet all of the measurements and will suffer. We’re committed to making you money.

Schedule an EHR demo to try out our integrated EHR, Practice Management and Billing software suite live to see exactly how it will work for you and let us how you how it will help you grow your business.

Free Demo - Award Winning MediTouch EHR and Billing Software