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EHR News and Information: The HealthFusion Blog

The HealthFusion EHR news and blog brings you the latest in the healthcare industry and health IT news as it pertains to you and your practice.

Seth Flam, DO

Lead Blogger: Seth Flam, DO

Dr. Flam is one of the founders of HealthFusion and serves as the company's CEO and President. He is board certified in Family Practice and is one of the creative forces behind MediTouch EHR. More information about Dr. Flam can be found at

How an EHR/EMR Software System Can Help Your Practice with Real-time Medical Eligibility Verification

healthcare revenue cycle management services
With the health insurance industry in transition, the need for real-time medical eligibility verification has never been greater. With an EHR/EMR platform, featuring a medical eligibility verification system, you get real-time eligibility and benefits, the ability to verify Medicare, as well as accurate co-payment, co-insurance and deductible data. Continue Reading

Surefire Ways to Improve Your Patient Reviews and Your Practice’s Online Presence On Physician Review Websites

Pensive young woman with mobile smart phone sitting in waiting room - Anxious female person using smartphone in hospital anteroom looking forward for exam test result - Neutral desaturated color tones
How are patient reviews affecting your practice? Does your practice have a positive online presence and reputation? Here are some easy, effective tips to winning over physician review websites. Continue Reading

How Medical Software Can Help Your Medical Practice

HealthFusion’s MediTouch integrated EHR medical practice management software
HealthFusion dives into the different types of medical software available, while discussing how each type can help your medical practice. Types include EMR, EHR, practice management, scheduling and billing. Continue Reading

Exactly What to Expect From Our EHR Demo

Just as not all EHRs are created equally, not all EHR demos are the same, either. Many EHR vendors will only provide you with a canned EHR demonstration or video demos, which are merely brief overviews of their features, at best. Find out why ours is different. Continue Reading

Online Patient Portal Bill-Pay: Get Paid Faster, Make Life Easier for Your Patients

Patient Portal Bill Pay
We live in an on-demand, consumer-centric society. We do our banking online, we look for love online, and we pay our bills online. A consumer’s health care is no exception to the convenience and immediacy that he or she expects in service. Making sure your practice offers online bill-pay helps to not only keep your patients satisfied, but it will also help you get paid faster. Continue Reading

Small and Solo Practices: What to Look for When Choosing an EHR System

Today, 70 percent of small and solo physician practices across all medical and surgical specialties have stated their confidence in cloud-based systems, as opposed to server-based systems. In a 2016 Black Book Ambulatory Survey, 66 percent of specialists changing systems report only reviewing cloud-based EHRs – mostly due to cost factors. Here are some of the things to look for when choosing an EHR system for your small practice. Continue Reading

The Tools to Achieve Patient Engagement in Your Practice

YourHealthFile patient portal allows your patients to check in and enter their own data anywhere they can find an internet connection.
Empowering your patients in their own healthcare is now more important than ever as we make the transition to value-based care. Your practice needs to be ready for Medicare reform well before MACRA begins in 2017 – and patient engagement requirements are not going away. Here are some resources and information to help you find, navigate and optimize the right patient engagement tools. Continue Reading

VIDEO: Hello Patient Portal, Goodbye Crowded Waiting Room (Increase Your Medical Office Efficiency)

A study shows that average wait times in primary care offices are on the rise. Help reverse the trend by adopting a patient portal check-in feature.
Online patient portals are quickly becoming a key component in boosting the success of almost any type of medical practice. Watch this video to see exactly how the MediTouch YourHealthFile patient portal can benefit your practice and your patients. Continue Reading

EHR, PM & Patient Portal Enhancements to Serve Urgent Care EMR/EHR Needs, Among Other Specialties

We’ve recently released new features and enhancements to our EHR, practice management system and YourHealthFile patient portal to better serve urgent care EMR/EHR needs and any other specialty that benefits from a robust EHR system. Continue Reading

EPCS and the Opioid Crisis

The nation’s opioid crisis has been of utmost interest in the news and across the healthcare industry of late, as the number of opioid-related deaths have soared to an all-time high and continue to grow. For prescribers, electronically prescribing controlled substances (EPCS) is arguably the most effective, efficient and simplest way to combat the opioid epidemic. Continue Reading