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Seth Flam, DO

Lead Blogger: Seth Flam, DO

Dr. Flam is one of the founders of HealthFusion and serves as the company's CEO and President. He is board certified in Family Practice and is one of the creative forces behind MediTouch EHR.

Considering the Motorola Xoom™ Tablet — I have a better idea: Google “iPad 2®”

When I completed my residency back in the ’80s, I moved to California, and my wife and I needed another car. We were on a tight budget, and we looked for the least expensive car available – a Hyundai™. Guess what we got? A Hyundai (yes, I know Hyundai is a better car now). As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for”, but when it comes to the tablet computer wars, not exactly. I was initially excited when I finally got my Motorola Xoom™ tablet, the first mobile tablet […] Continue Reading

iPad 2® Is Here — To upgrade or not to upgrade: that is the question

iPad® 1 was a revolutionary product. For most medical provider users, it was the best hardware available for mobile healthcare computing. Now, Apple® has released the next version just before the iPad’s® first birthday! However, before we get to our iPad 2® review, let’s explore a little bit about our history with the iPad®. MediTouch EHR®‘s history with the iPad® goes back to one year prior to the iPad® 1 release, so for our company, this is begins our third year of engineering the best EHR product for use with the iPad®. […] Continue Reading

I Spoke to My iPad® Today — Star Trek, The Jetsons… Pretty close

Over the past few years, I have tested dictation software, and while the software has improved steadily, the input methods were cumbersome. The extra steps of putting on a headset, training the software, etc. made the process too complicated for me. I recently downloaded Dragon Dictate for the iPad® and started toying around with the app. I wanted to see if it could be a partial solution for users of our MediTouch EHR® software. I was surprised to learn that there is no training with Dragon Dictate for the iPad®. Even better, […] Continue Reading

The EHR Superhighway — One of many posts on truly connecting the healthcare industry

Many medical providers are eager to adopt MediTouch EHR® technology, and as soon as they get started, they realize they want more! Providers report that it is easy to use MediTouch®, but they want to be connected to all of their healthcare partners. They want to jettison their fax machine, their printer and become 100% electronic — and who can blame them? The average doctor may have between 20 and 30 local healthcare partners, and those partners more than likely will be on disparate systems. Adding to the connectivity complication, patients are […] Continue Reading

Perhaps the Most Important EHR Feature: Ease of Use at the Point of Care

In April 2010, The New York Times explored An Unforeseen Complication of Electronic Medical Records. This article chronicled the frustration of a physician burdened with using a “mouse and keyboard centric” electronic health record system in her office-based practice. The physician comes to the realization that most physician office exam rooms are just not built for old-fashioned laptops or PCs. Where do I sit? Do I need to install a shelf? The physician realized that with her EHR/EMR system, it was too difficult to chart and communicate with her patient simultaneously. Continue Reading