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e-Prescriptions using HealthFusion’s e-Prescribing Software

Prescribe in the cloud on any device type, including your iPad or smartphone.

ePrescribe Electronic Prescriptions With Confidence

eprescribe-surescriptsMany e-prescribing vendors will help doctors achieve Meaningful Use, but few truly exceed industry standards for electronic prescribing. MediTouch has gone through a thorough testing process to ensure that our EHR software has the sophistication and robust suite of capabilities to function to the hilt of any provider’s needs. With just a few clicks, you will be transmitting safe and efficient prescriptions that are compliant with the Medicare e-prescribing directive, Meaningful Use and the Surescripts Hub.
  • Dosing Calculator built-in
  • Google Maps to your patient’s favorite pharmacy
  • We remember your favorite drugs and sigs
  • Formulary, refills and fast pharmacy look-up

Review Medications Other Providers Have Prescribed

Understanding a patient’s medication history is simple, even if they have been seen by another provider on another system. The patient’s Rx medication history can be downloaded from SureScripts, imported, and displayed directly in the patient’s chart.

meditouch ehr e-prescribing software

Why Use MediTouch As Your E-Prescription Vendor?

There are several benefits to e-prescribing using MediTouch, versus other e-prescribing vendors. These are just some of them:

  • More Accurate Prescriptions – Electronic prescribing helps reduce medication errors and saves time, both for you and your staff. It also makes fraud and tampering with prescriptions nearly impossible.
  • Improved Patient Safety – The MediTouch eRx system provides advanced checks and warnings for drug interactions, allergies, dosage levels, and duplicates. And it all happens in real time at the point of care; you’ll see a patient’s allergy list as you’re choosing medications, eradicating wait time for alerts.
  • Integrated and Web-Based – Our built-in e-prescribing system is fully integrated with MedTouch EHR – and since it’s completely cloud-based, there is no software to download or install. Use it on the go on a smartphone or iPad or at the point of care!
  • Simple Refills – Patients can use the MediTouch YourHealthFile patient portal to request refills online, without the need for time consuming phone calls or unnecessary office visits.
  • Pharmacy Search and Mapping – Your patients will appreciate the convenience of the built-in pharmacy lookup to find the closest pharmacy. Print out maps and directions, and save the location as a favorite for future visits.
  • Expedited Workflow – Save and reuse recurring prescription information for a particular patient, download patient medication history, and complete the entire prescription process with a few clicks or taps of your fingertip.
  • Fast Renewals – Batch renewals make the tedious one renewal at a time process presented in most EHR software products obsolete.


In order for e-prescribing vendors and health systems to receive this award, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Senior leadership commitment to a goal of zero electronic prescription content errors
  • Measurement and reporting of e-prescription content error levels
  • Implementation of software updates to reduce e-prescription content error levels
  • Communication and training for end-users on how to better utilize their e-prescribing system to reduce errors

These industry proven best practices are meant to improve patient safety, lower costs, and increase productivity with a goal of 100 percent reliability, from the time the prescription is prepared to the time the medication is dispensed.