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Let Your Fingers Do the Drawing

With our new MediDraw feature, doctors can draw directly on images using their fingertip or mouse.

drawing2MediDraw – A unique MediTouch feature

HealthFusion’s groundbreaking MediDraw feature makes it easy to document physical exam findings. Simply snap a picture of your patient’s finding with your smartphone or iPad and send it directly to the patient chart by uploading it via the cloud – then draw directly on it using your fingertip or mouse. You also have the option to draw on more than 100 anatomical images built into the MediDraw application. There are no extra steps or dedicated hardware devices, like scanners, to associate drawings or pictures with the medical record.

  • Cross-compatible – works on iPad or computer
  • Draw directly on a patient photo or anatomical outline
  • Over 100 anatomical outline images to choose from
  • Compatible with most web browsers
  • Designed, customized and tested specifically for Apple’s mobile iPad Safari browser

MediDraw is eloquent and flexible and saves time, when compared with drawing on a piece of paper. This process can be accomplished quickly, in the exam room or at the bedside.