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MediTouch is the affordable, flexible solution that outperforms other EMR programs that cost three to four times more. How we do it? By leveraging the most state-of-the-art technology and using the cloud to make your transition to electronic health records easy on the wallet.

A First Year Comparison of the Top EHR Vendors

We have compared the first year pricing of some of the major EHR/EMR vendors based on data from the Maryland Health Care Commission website and the vendors’ own respective websites. Our software services are so much more affordable than other top-rated EMR companies because we don’t charge any start-up fees, training or support fees, and all updates to our software are also free. You won’t shell out to install, maintain and repair bulky hardware and servers, and you won’t need to pay IT experts to do it for you since all of your data is securely stored online with cloud technology. Here we’ve gathered the first-year EHR costs of some of the top EMR systems out there and compared them to our costs, but are many other factors to consider when evaluating electronic health record programs and EMR pricing for one that suits your practice best.

Percentage Above HealthFusion’s 1st Year Price

*Statistics, provided by the Maryland Health Care Commission or the Vendor’s website, represent price for a single provider as of December 2012. First year ASP EHR/EMR prices include EHR/EMR, and if applicable, Practice Management, Patient Portal, and Setup/Training.

Choosing Between the Best EHR Vendors and Companies

There are a lot of EHR companies out there, and choosing the best EHR software for your needs can seem like a daunting task. The product price is only one of the aspects to consider. You also want to make sure that your EMR vendor is going to be with you for the long haul – since this will save you the money, time and hassle of switching to a new system when the old one goes out of business.

To help you in this assessment, we have developed a comprehensive EHR vendor comparison of the top integrated EHRs as listed by Medical Economics. We invite you to download this free comparison and see for yourself which EHR will meet your needs.


MediTouch 2016 Vendor Reviews

When comparing or reviewing the top EHR vendors, these are some of the things that will save you money in the long run:

  • An integrated, cloud-based solution
  • Compliance with government incentive programs
  • Early adoption of incentive programs and standards
  • Established business with a successful financial model

MediTouch was one of the first EHR vendors to become 2014 Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified, and we have been ICD-10 ready since 2013. Even with government delays, early adoption of compliance standards is an important thing to look for when choosing EHR vendors. After all – EHR companies that cannot meet compliance standards deadlines either lack the technical expertise to keep up with health IT developments, or don’t have the financial resources to invest in their EHR technology. Find out more about choosing the most reliable EHR software for your practice.

MediTouch has your back when it comes to EMR pricing. We provide a quality solution and services that are designed to fit practices of all sizes. The cost has been minimized through the use of cloud technology, making it affordable even for small practices. By choosing the MediTouch subscription model, you won’t have to pay for any startup fees or fees for training, upgrade and support. On top of that, you get to manage the different aspects of your practice for the price of one solution. Thanks to our fully integrated product suite, you get everything you need from EHR, Practice Management, Clearinghouse and Patient Portal with just a single software.

When It Comes to Electronic Health Records Vendors

  • NO upgrade fees
  • NO expensive servers
  • NO training fees
  • NO support fees
  • NO long term contracts

Purchasing a competitor’s system can cost over $50,000 in the first year alone. This is why we offer our cloud-based solution – completely integrated with EHR, Patient Portal, Practice Management and Clearinghouse – on an affordable subscription basis.

Why Choose HealthFusion as Your Electronic Health Records Solution?

There are many ehr companies that offer EMR programs but the Meditouch EHR software by HealthFusion remains to be one of the best ehr/emr vendors because of its affordability and high-quality services. It utilizes cloud technology which is cheaper than client-server systems, thereby allowing it to operate as it should without being overpriced. You can start using the software without worrying about installation, updates, and maintenance fees that increase your expenses. The Meditouch software is the perfect choice if you want flexible solutions that are carefully designed to fit your needs and gives you an ROI.