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Meaningful Use Incentive — A leader in EHR Meaningful Use

MediTouch was one of the first five pure ambulatory EHRs to achieve 2014 Meaningful Use certification and we rank in the top 10 percent of all EHRs that have had at least one successful Meaningful Use attestation.

New Call-to-actionCurrently, to receive EHR Meaningful Use payment, providers must meet certain requirements like recorded patient information and exchange of summary care records. The goal of the program is to use EHR technology to improve quality, safety and efficiency, engage patients and their families, improve care coordination, while maintaining patient privacy. Meaningful Use is also meant to empower patients to take the reigns on their own health care.

Right now, each consecutive stage of Meaningful Use builds upon the requirements and advances of the previous stage, so that providers can gradually increase and fine tune their EHR use. Proposed modifications were proposed and finalized in October of 2015.

Stages of Meaningful Use

Stage 1: First year of attestation, 90-day period, data capturing and sharing

Stage 2: Advance clinical processes, two-year period

Stage 3: Improved outcomes

Although the existing set of standards may eventually change over time, they will not be eliminated entirely. Meaningful Use will see a shift in approach to a focus on care, and technology will continue to play a big part in positive patient outcomes.

A great EHR provides physicians with the proper tools to not only meet Meaningful Use requirements, but also to truly elevate the level and quality of care that physicians provide to their patients.

No Extra Work

With MediTouch there is virtually no “extra” work to meet your EHR Meaningful Use standards. We provide an easy to read Meaningful Use Report Card to every eligible provider in your practice. Simply use our integrated EHR system as directed and follow the three easy steps outlined below.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Register with CMS
    Go to the CMS website and register for the CMS Meaningful Use Incentive Program.
  2. Declare your stage and measurement period
    In the MediTouch system, declare your Meaningful Use stage and measurement period by choosing whether you are seeking incentive payment for stage 1 or stage 2 of Meaningful Use and entering the start date of your reporting period.
  3. Review your MediTouch Meaningful Use Report Card and enter your results on the CMS website
    The MediTouch Meaningful Use Report Card is your scorecard, complete with the numerator and denominator data required during attestation. To claim your incentive payment, simply copy the data from the MediTouch Meaningful Use Report Card to the CMS attestation form.
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Reporting is a breeze with our Meaningful Use
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