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Customizable MediTouch EHR Software

You’ve charted the same way for years and you still can with the customizable MediTouch EMR system.

MediTouch - The EHR that thinks like a doctor

Make Our Custom EHR Think Like You Do

  • Start with our pre-loaded templates
  • Customize in minutes
  • Save favorites on-the-fly
  • No more rigid templates

You don’t need an engineering degree to make MediTouch speak like you do. Our wizard type customization tools make even the beginner user an expert. MediTouch EHR also comes preloaded with commonly used terminology, medical phrases, and forms – so you don’t need to start from scratch. In fact – you can begin charting on your first login.

MediTouch also has preloaded templates that are specific to various medical specialties. Examples of these specialties are family practice, internal medicine, cardiology, ob/gyn, pediatrics, surgery, and urgent care. You can edit the preloaded templates in order to suit your needs, enabling you to maximize the potential of electronic health records systems. Also, for practices with physicians who have differing patterns and specialties, you can customize it to better fit each physician so you can provide the highest level of care. As long as you know how to navigate and type, you’ll never have the need to hire an IT staff.

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