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Background Only (Support)

Create an Emergency Customer Support Case

Please complete the following form in the event of an emergency outside our normal business hours.

Emergency assistance is only available for the following issues:

  • The site has become unresponsive
  • Malfunctioning feature or process in its entirety, not an isolated incident

What is NOT an emergency examples include:

  • I can create some encounters but a single encounter is not working like I expect it to
  • I can prescribe some medications but a single prescription is not working like expect it to
  • I can post claims but a single claim is not posting like I expect it to
  • Account has been locked due to inaccurate user ID or password
If we feel that this is not an emergency situation, you may not receive a response. For non-emergency issues Create a Support Case to complete our standard support form or please contact our Product Support Team during normal business hours. Thank you. *All fields are required

1. Please enter your contact information.

2. Enter a subject and a case description. Please submit when finished.

NOTE: A forgotten User Id or Password is NOT considered an emergency and may not result in a timely response from HealthFusion Customer Support during non-business hours.

Please use the Forgot your User Id or Forgot your password utilities to retrieve forgotten login information.