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MediTouch ICD-10 Software: A Glowing Success

ICD-10 is here, medical coding as we knew it has changed forever, and we made success for your practice our priority through the transition. Our ICD-10 software will guide you to the most precise code appropriate for the clinical presentation of your patients.

icd-10 software ehr

ICD-10 EHR Success

Learn more about all the ways MediTouch software helps you succeed with  ICD-10.

icd-10 software resources

ICD-10 Resources

Our ICD-10 resource center can help your practice navigate through ICD-10 faster and easier.

icd-10 software code search

ICD-10 Code Search

Use our ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion tool to find the right code for each diagnosis.

icd-10 software quiz

ICD-10 Quiz

Keep your ICD-10 coding knowledge sharp with our quick daily quiz.