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Medical Practice Management Software

Imagine one billing software system that works with complete synergy across the billing software, scheduling, clearinghouse, EHR and patient portal. The state-of-the-art MediTouch medical practice management software suite is that one practice management solution to boost the efficiency and revenue smoothly across any physician practice.

Less is More and One is Better than Many

From scheduling an encounter to managing claims – medical billing programs like MediTouch allows every part of the practice management and medical billing management process to work seamlessly together and automates tasks that would be otherwise done manually. This level of integration streamlines the flow of the entire medical office for any physician practice.

  • No lost data or super-bills
  • No added integration or maintenance expenses
  • No complex clearinghouse reports
  • Track the health of your practice with our financial dashboards
medical practice management software

Why Use MediTouch Practice Management Program for your Medical Office?

With fully integrated medical practice management software, you can be sure information passes seamlessly back and forth between your EMR, practice management system, clearinghouse and patient portal without delay. That means that your scheduling data populates your to the medical billing program and EHR without glitches; billing codes and notes flow smoothly from the EHR software to the medical billing software, and then claims are transmitted automatically from the medical practice software to the clearinghouse.

Integrated Medical Billing and Management Program

Information entered into your patient portal can be easily added to your practice management software and to your EHR. When patients enter data on the patient portal, that data can be incorporated into the EMR/EHR billing software or EHR by the practice with a just single click. The airlines moved to customer self service (remember when you had to wait on a line for your boarding pass) and now we are entering a new era of patient self-service. Only billing software program that is completely integrated affords your practice the opportunity to easily leverage patient self-service. Since patient self-service is the future of how your patients want to interact with your physician practice, a completely integrated practice management system is now a prerequisite. Patients are savvy consumers — and the services of your medical office should offer them the immediacy and convenience that they expect.

Want to free up your medical office? Choose MediTouch integrated medical practice management software for the all-in-one practice management system your business requires.