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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Software

Save time and capture the largest amount of net revenue with the MediTouch Revenue Cycle Management software suite for Healthcare.

revenue cycle management software

Maximize Your Healthcare Practice’s Revenue Cycle Management: Hassle-Free, Accurate and Secure

Making sure billing is completed in an accurate manner post ICD-10 and on the incoming tide of value-based care has become more important than ever. Your practice needs to move beyond “maintenance” mode, look at the larger RCM picture, and gauge where you may have some revenue leaks, or areas where you may be able to capture more. Choosing the right software suite can help you unlock optimal efficiency, reduce cycle time, and eradicate waste. When you integrate MediTouch Practice Management with our EHR software, you have the right tools to consolidate your stream of work and accelerate your revenue cycle. You don’t want a mixed bag of solutions to comprise your revenue cycle management program, especially as the healthcare landscape continues to change. Instead, all of the components of your EHR and Practice Management software should speak to each other with sophistication so that you can capture charges at the point of service, submit claims faster, and reduce data entry errors, for the end result of faster reimbursement and better quality reporting. Choosing an integrated suite of software that achieves this level of seamless functionality helps you increase your bottom line and maximize your revenue cycle management.

HealthFusion’s Healthcare Revenue Cycle Software Features

Some features the MediTouch Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software solutions offer include:

  • Real-Time Pre-Visit Insurance Validation
  • No timely filing issues – each encounter is matched with a claim
  • Shrink your AR with state of the art collection tools
  • Stress-free ICD-10 compliance
  • Claim management and tools to avoid denials, or track and manage them
  • Easy-to-digest analytics to help you track your practice’s cost containment efforts and improvements to patient outcomes
  • And more

We can give you the tools to become as efficient a healthcare organization as possible in order to reduce cycle time, and our innovative team of engineers continues to work on our software to to help you constantly improve your medical revenue cycle management process.

Interested in outsourcing RCM services? We can help you with that, too. Read about our Revenue Cycle Management services here.